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Are you confused by the huge range of website options?


Unsure how to make the most of social media?


Unclear on your own business vision and branding?


Overwhelmed with technology & don’t know where to start?

Website Design

Let me help you create a new website from scratch or redesign an existing site to showcase your business.

Join the Web Goddess Academy

Join the Academy

A monthly membership group designed to show you how to ‘shine online’ in your amazing business.

Digital Training

Online training during this global pandemic (1:1 or in groups) to help you make the most of the online world.

Business Coaching

Learn how to create success on your own terms and set goals that inspire action with personalised 1:1 coaching.

Holly Hinton aka the Web Goddess

Hi, I’m Holly, aka the Web Goddess.

I am based in the small town of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and have been a full time web designer since 2014 but have been helping people with IT issues since 2002 – I’m the queen of turning things off and then back on again!

My clients are mainly based around Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands – but the wonders of modern technology mean that my most far-flung client is back home in Melbourne, Australia.

I hate it when people get mis-sold a website (much like PPI) with the promise that it will do everything for them and spend a whole lotta time diving into website black holes and empowering my clients to manage their sites themselves.

So, I work a little differently. If I can help you update an existing site rather than start from scratch then that’s what I’ll recommend.

It’s web design on your terms.

So, not sure what step to take first?

Let’s have a chat and see how I can help… The first 30 minutes are absolutely free!

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Check out my latest work…

Holly is very easy to work with and is an expert listener who takes great care to ensure that your website fully reflects your own character and best features. She is fully conversant in the latest trends and technology and how to integrate this with social media, which is an art form in itself! I ended up with a website which was very “me” – my font, my colours, my style in words and pictures, and Holly’s genius! I’m very pleased with the result, particularly as I paid a fraction of the price charged by other website companies. Thanks Holly!

Liz Abram, Liz Abram Coaching Services

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