Is your website design getting you down?Are you...

Confused by the huge range of website options?

Unsure where to start with your website?

Told you need to pay thousands for a website?

Missold a website package that didn’t deliver?

I can help…



All Good Design Starts with a Conversation

Whether you already have a site you are not happy with or are starting from scratch, we’ll discuss all of your options and produce a plan.

Chatting over a coffee is great,
but online works just as well!

Website Design with YOU in Mind

Working with you every step, your website is created with help along the way for branding and content if you need it.

Making changes to get it ‘just right’
at this stage is included.

Choose to Self-Manage or Keep Me Onboard

Once your site is launched, you choose what you want to do. 

You can self-manage – training is provided – or let me keep your site looking great and choose full management.

I specialise in getting small businesses and solopreneurs online. All too often website ‘newbies’ are convinced by well-meaning friends and family that they need all-singing, all-dancing websites, when in fact they can have something that looks great and does a fantastic job for less hassle and less cost. So, whether you just want a web presence so that people can find you or want to build an e-commerce empire, I help you create a website that fits your needs.

After your site is live you it is handed over to you to manage so you only pay for hosting and your domain name when they are due. This gives you complete control over your site with no other ongoing costs.

If, however, you want a little more support, ask about my full management packages which include your hosting & domain name and all changes for a fixed monthly cost.


Member of the Wix Partner Programme

So go on, get in touch…

I’d love to chat and help you create an online presence that you are proud of.

Don’t be shy, I won’t bite!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions I usually get asked…

How much will it cost me to set up?

My table of charges is listed above and includes my two standard packages starting at £400. There are no hidden extras in these (as per my pledge to the ethical move) and you will get a fully-functioning site for that price.

Ongoing costs for hosting start at around £75 annually and domain name at around £25 biannually, as long as you manage the site completely yourself. If that’s all a bit too much to handle then I can do it all for you as part of my full management service. Those prices are listed above too.

For bespoke sites not covered above, please contact me.

Do you use WordPress for my site?

That all depends! If you are after a very simple site that looks great and is easy to manage, then I recommend Create or Wix – and I use these as part of my ‘Stylishly Simple’ package above.

However, if you want to blog regularly and need lots of different functionality, then go for my ‘Business Builder’ package which is built using WordPress.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, contact me to find out what I would recommend for your business.

Do I already need to have a domain name?

No. You can use an existing domain name if you already own one, but one can be purchased for you if you don’t. I recommend having both your domain and hosting with the same company as it makes life a whole lot simpler, but this is not a requirement.

The prices above includes a domain name as standard. Multiple domain names can also be forwarded to your new website if required.

If you already have a domain and hosting, I can build your WordPress site there for you to keep it all in one place – and reduce your initial outlay as I only charge for my design time.


What is SEO and do I have to pay extra for it?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is included in your website design.  It involves making your site visible and relevant to search engines. There are lots of companies that cold call or email website owners offering this service for hundreds of pounds but you do not need to pay extra for this.

Your site comes with a Google Analytics dashboard so you can see exactly how visitors are finding you and how long they stay on your site.

The biggest asset to SEO is your content – the more relevant your content and the more you keep it up to date the better your ranking. So whether you want to update your site or you want me to do it for you, your SEO ranking will benefit from regularly adding new content.

What support do you provide once my site is live?

It depends on which package you sign up for:

Self-Managed: If you’re going it alone and want to self-manage your site once I’ve built it for you I will provide you with a 1 or 2-hour training session to help you get to grips with the backend of your site. It is then your responsibility to maintain the site and make changes when required. Invoices for hosting and your domain name will also then go directly to you for payment.

If you ever get really stuck and need me to do any future work or teach you about social media or anything else digital, my standard rate is £40 per hour for Digital Mentoring or less when booked in a block of 4 or 8 hours.

Fully Managed: If you sign up for a monthly management package, any changes you need will be made within 48 hours and all of your ongoing costs (including domain and hosting) are included in the monthly fee. This fee is payable starting from the first month AFTER your site is published and is payable monthly or annually in advance.

Does my website come with an email mailbox?

The ‘Stylishly Simple’ websites I create come with email forwarding, meaning that emails to your domain name (e.g. are automatically forwarded to an existing email address for you. This works well for most of my customers as many of them already have email addresses they use for their business. It also helps keep costs down.

If you definitely want a separate mailbox (or more) then please discuss this with me as it can be added on to your package, or you may want to start with a ‘Business Builder’ WordPress website instead.

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