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No-nonsense SEO that delivers

Where is your website on Google? We’re guessing it’s not performing well if you’re here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the way to bring in more visitors to your website and rank higher on search engines. But it doesn’t have to be a mystery.

It doesn’t matter whether we’ve built your website or not – there are ways to optimise your on-page for SEO on every website platform.

And as we work exclusively with service-based businesses, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t when you don’t have physical products to sell.

With the Web Goddess SEO Review Service, you get more than just a list of tasks to complete, you get a holistic approach that includes your website, your social media AND ways in which you can spread your business message in person as well as online.

First things first – let’s see where you are

Most business owners have no idea how their website is actually performing or what issues there may be with, so our first step is to book an SEO Audit & Review. Unless we’ve built your site, this is always the first place to start. Our specialty is working with service-based businesses, so if you’re in this category, get in touch to start the ball rolling.

Research & Update

Once we have a clear picture of what’s going on with your website, we then work on your site to fix any errors and to recommend relevant content and keywords that you should be using to help your site start to show up in the rankings for your industry. We also check out your competitors at this stage and let you know what they are doing so you can do better.

Ongoing SEO Management

All your hard work won’t mean much if you don’t keep it up! So we offer SEO retainers to track your performance, implementing changes and updates and provide content recommendations. If you’re in business for the long haul, then working with us monthly is a great way to ensure your website helps you get found for all the right reasons.

How is your current SEO?

#1 SEO Audit & Review

We'll assess your current site health and help you understand how to improve your SEO.

Do you have a strategy?

#2 SEO Strategy

Let's get your site updated with all of our recommendations and we'll help you create an SEO strategy

SEO is a one time thing, right?

#3 Monthly SEO Packages

Don't let all that hard work go to waste! Let Web Goddess manage your SEO requirements.


This SEO report is brilliant and gives me a good insight into what’s going on, I wish I’d had this year’s ago!!!

I've wrongly thought that SEO was expensive, a dark art and only for the big boys, wrong! I met Holly at a networking meeting and after hearing what she does, I immediately got in touch. Holly was a breath of fresh air, she made SEO, well, the bits I needed to know, easy to understand along with the what, why and how to achieve a good SEO strategy. We started with a review, where Holly took me through what was good and not so good about my website SEO, then I engaged her to do her magic on my site and now I'm a retained client of hers so that I know my SEO is taken care of as my website evolves over time. Holly is a lovely person to do business with, she is honest, plain-talking and extremely efficient. If you have a website and want to make sure it's getting the reach it deserves, get in touch with Holly.

What a fantastic service from Web Goddess! We recently had a new website which needed SEO improvement. Web Goddess gave us a report with recommended tweaks and training on how to improve all aspects of the website. Many thanks for all your help!

Andrew Hope, Hope Creative

Holly is a master at making SEO accessible to all small business owners. She has empowered me to be in charge of this aspect of my business in a no nonsense way. She has taken the 'mystery' out of it and given something back to all small business owners who have no choice but to do a lot themselves due to restricted budgets. Holly is the SEO goddess and I highly recommend.

Veronica Kitton, VK Business Assist

I run the Staffordshire Independent Networking Group (SING) and we asked Holly to do a talk on 'Google SEO..and all that" Just wanted to let anyone who looks on here that Holly's presentation was the best yet, helping our businesses to gain an understanding of the simple things that can make a lot of difference to their web presence.

Stephen Silk, SING Business Networking

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