SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) doesn’t have to be a mystery.

With the Web Goddess SEO Review Service, you get more than just a list of tasks to complete, you get a holistic approach that includes your website, your social media AND ways in which you can spread your business message in person as well as online.

It doesn’t matter whether I’ve built your website or not – there are ways to optimise your on-page for SEO on every website platform.


Below you’ll find a guide to my pricing, but please bear in mind that just as every website requirement is different so these prices may also change depending on what you already have and what you need.

* SEO Update includes up to 10 website pages and is dependant on accessibility of your site after an SEO Review. If your website is larger than this then the price quoted will depend on the structure and size of your site. If you wish to have the service as advertised, the top 10 pages of your website will be optimised and you will be required to complete the process on the remaining pages.

** SEO Management is undertaken AFTER completion of a full SEO Update and planned to start one calendar month after the update is completed.

What a fantastic service from Web Goddess! We recently had a new website which needed SEO improvement. Web Goddess gave us a report with recommended tweaks and training on how to improve all aspects of the website. Many thanks for all your help!

Andrew Hope

Hope Creative

I’ve wrongly thought that SEO was expensive, a dark art and only for the big boys, wrong! I met Holly at a networking meeting and after hearing what she does, I immediately got in touch. Holly was a breath of fresh air, she made SEO, well, the bits I needed to know, easy to understand along with the what, why and how to achieve a good SEO strategy. We started with a review, where Holly took me through what was good and not so good about my website SEO, then I engaged her to do her magic on my site and now I’m a retained client of hers so that I know my SEO is taken care of as my website evolves over time. Holly is a lovely person to do business with, she is honest, plain-talking and extremely efficient. If you have a website and want to make sure it’s getting the reach it deserves, get in touch with Holly.

Adrian Hide

Adrian Hide Consultancy

the ethical move

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