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Welcome to the Web Goddess Academy!

The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis and we have no idea when restrictions will be lifted and life will return to a new sense of normal… BUT it is the perfect time to reflect on HOW you want your business to look when that normality returns…

The Web Goddess Academy is a safe and nurturing space to grow your business in the online world and gain visibility. 

If you are passionate about your business and believe in what you have to offer, but are not quite sure about how to get your message out there on your website, via email, and on social media, then this is the place for you. 

Membership to the Web Goddess Academy includes ‘How To’ Guides and Videos, Step by Step instructions, branding basics, and vision and strategy to make sure you ALWAYS have your passion at the centre of what you are offering.

Whether you are just starting out and know NOTHING or have been running your business for a while but need some help being seen – the Web Goddess Academy is for you.

What’s covered in the Academy?


From first steps to getting online and making choices about your domain and hosting, to content and SEO.

Photos & Graphics

Create images that reflect your brand identity and can be used across all media.


How to create blog posts that people want to read and strategies to help you plan your content.

Email Marketing

The why, what and how of email marketing and why it is essential for your business.

Selling Online

Essential steps to creating an eCommerce business that will entice customers and be easy to manage,

Social Media

Getting your message right for your audience and strategy to help you reach potential customers.

Vision & Branding

To help your online voice match your real one. I’ll help you get clear on how you want to look online.


How to hone your message to excel at networking without being pushy and overly ‘salesy’.


Techniques and tools to overcome the blocks you have to creating success in your business.

Other Resources

A growing source of guides, FAQs and downloadables to help you shine online!

Membership Options

There are three monthly Web Goddess Academy Membership options. Simply choose which level is right for you NOW and move to another level at any time (up or down) as your business needs change…

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Join me if:

You are ready to take action!

The Web Goddess Academy is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to expand your online presence, but YOU have to be willing to do the work!

You're in it for the long haul

Strategy and consistency are a requirement for getting your business seen online and the Web Goddess Academy is not a ‘quick fix’ that will lead to thousands of new followers and overnight fame (although you never know!).

You want to put yourself out there

No more hiding behind your computer screen and hoping that people will find you. You’re ready to be seen and to face all of the good and not-so-good repercussions of being visible. I’m here to help with that and so is our Web Goddess Academy Community. 

We're a good fit

I’m honest, straight-talking and a little bit sweary (yes, my clients have said this) and I don’t take any shit. So, if you’re looking for some real no-nonsense support and advice then we’re gonna get along fine!

Perhaps this isn’t for you if:

You want it done for you

It’s fine if you do, but this is not the focus of the Web Goddess Academy. Here I’ll be sharing tools and resources to help you take control of your own online presence – not doing it for you!

You want it all NOW

Although you can work through all of the material at super speedy pace, I can’t guarantee you’ll be a viral success overnight. This space is about creating meaningful content and planning for the long haul.

You want to stay invisible

The Web Goddess Academy is designed to help you share your UNIQUE voice and get your message out there. This is going to require you to BE SEEN! You’re going to be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone and not everyone is ready to do that.

You don't like my vibe

I’m not everyone’s favourite beverage and I’m OK with that. So, if you don’t like how I work or my style that’s not a problem, but I ain’t gonna change so there may be a better group out there for you that DOES fit your vibe. No hard feelings!

Who am I?

I’m Holly Hinton, aka the Web Goddess and I help female solopreneurs and small business owners step out of the shadows and make their businesses shine online.

I don’t believe that there is a ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ approach to web design or social media, but I do believe that sharing your UNIQUE VOICE and creating content that fits you is important.

And that’s why I have created the Web Goddess Academy. I want YOU to shine. I want you to feel empowered to make choices regarding your online presence and decide what works best for YOU!

Had a great morning yesterday with Holly learning about how to use Canva to promote my business. I would highly recommend Holly for her digital training courses, she makes the who computer stuff easy and fun to learn.

Sharon Daly, The Marjorie Centre

Want to be notified when membership opens?

Enter your email to be first on the list and qualify for free membership during April…

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