What Do Your Website Colours Say About You?

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If you have ever studied colour in detail or know about colour psychology, then you will know that individual colours can evoke specific feelings and each colour has a different meaning. As a former crystal therapist (yes, I’m a bit woo-woo) I use the colours in crystals to link to the chakras and colours are just as important within websites.

There are many great sources for colour therapy and colour meanings online, but below you will find a list of colours and some of their meanings:

Red – grabs your attention, is a call to action and is energetic but can also be provocative and represent danger

Orange – is associated with abundance, fun and vitality and using peach tones can be a softer way of introducing this colour to your site

Yellow – is joyful and optimistic and can give a lively sunny feel to your website

Green – can be associated with nature as well as balance, serenity and wealth depending on the shade you use

Blue – suggests honesty, trustworthiness and dependability

Purple – is a creative colour also suggesting spirituality and mystery

Pink – is associated with youth and fun, it can also depict compassion and love

Brown – is a very earthy colour suggesting stability and durability

Black – gives a website a classy and sophisticated feel and can be used well with an accent of another colour

White – denotes simplicity and a pure nature and is a great background colour for most websites to make the other colours really pop

Keeping the colour meanings in mind, remember that it is just as important to choose colours that mean something to YOU as it is to pick a colour scheme to suit your mood or meaning – your website will not reflect who you are if you choose a colour that doesn’t match your personality. After all, it’s YOUR website so make sure the colours you choose are a reflection of your personality, not what you think they ‘should’ be for a specific industry.


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