Website Rescue


Is your website being held for ransom?

Unfortunately, we see this all too often: websites that cannot be updated, domains that don’t belong to our clients, scare tactics to keep clients in line, and designers that charge the earth to release control of a site.

But those days are OVER!

First, let’s understand where you are

Every website is different. So, we start by taking stock of exactly where your website is at in terms of domain, hosting, email, and your access and ownership of these.

Shhhhh…. We recommend keeping quiet at this stage and not letting on to your current provider that you’re thinking of leaving as it can cause them to panic!

Next, we’ll create a plan to extract you safely

We’ll discuss your options with you and give you our recommendation for moving your website.  This will involve planning the transfer of your current site, steps when it comes to emails, and how you can mitigate any upheaval by turning negatives into marketing opportunities!

Don’t make any sudden moves, you still don’t want to alert your captor. Oops, I mean website company.

It’s rescue time and finally, you’ll be in control!

We’ll rescue your website and help you set it up the way you want, with full ownership and control in your hands. This may include a rebuild, and why not – you’ve probably not been able to change anything for years – or simply a hosting move. Whatever needs to be done, we’ll keep you involved every step of the way.

Now it’s time to break ties and escape your old company. They may throw a tantrum, but we’ll have you protected by then so no need to fear.

What’s my Investment?

Every website rescue is unique, because every company has its own way of dealing with escapees. But we have negotiated enough ransom requests that we are confident we can rescue you too.


What’s Included?

All rescues include a full assessment of your current situation, a discussion about your company vision to ensure we get it right for you this time, and the extraction of your website. This includes rebuild/reset costs which will be fully detailed as part of your extraction plan.


What’s Extra?

We’ll know more about extras once we research your current situation (covertly of course). Extras may include fees for releasing your domain, moving your email, mailbox services, and any redesign you decide on as part of the plan. If you want to keep things ‘as is’ the price will be cheaper, but we recommend using this as an opportunity to get things right and make changes to your site.


Ongoing Costs

After your site has been launched it is handed over to you to manage so you only pay for hosting, your domain name, and other extras that have been included in the setup when they are due. This gives you complete control over your site with no other ongoing costs.

If, however, you want a little more support, you can opt for one of our Management Packages and Web Goddess support for a fixed monthly cost.

Alternatively, ad-hoc support is available at £75 per hour.



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