28-Day Website Bootcamp


Want to build a professional website for your business?

Are you just starting out or running a service-based business?


Then perhaps you’ve already run into some of these problems:

  • You’ve tried to build a website and it just doesn’t look right
  • All the advice you receive is contradictory
  • There are way too many choices when it comes to website platform
  • You don’t have the budget to pay for a professional designer

Yup, we get it! You need help from someone who’s been where you are.


Here’s a Bootcamp rundown…

cog diagram for website strategy

Week 1 – PLAN

Diving in to your ‘WHY’.

This week is all about getting clear on WHY you do what you do and digging down to those pain points that your unique service can alleviate.

cog diagram for website strategy

Week 2 – DESIGN

Time to set the mood.

It’s time to dive into your branding and the look and feel you want for your website. You’ll be creating mood boards and getting clear on your design.

cog diagram for website strategy

Week 3 – BUILD

Let’s build this thing!

Putting your hard work from weeks 1&2 into action, it’s time to build a gorgeous 5-page website. We’ll be using Wix as it’s super easy and free to setup.

cog diagram for website strategy

Week 4 – LAUNCH

We have Liftoff…

Launching your website isn’t the end of the story! We’ll look at all the things you need to work on once your site launches to bring the results you dream of.

What’s my Investment?

Your investment in Website Bootcamp is just £360. And, if you’ve signed up for our waitlist you also have the opportunity of spreading this cost over 3 monthly installments leading up to the challenge.

For March Bootcamp this is Jan/Feb/Mar and for September Bootcamp this is Jul/Aug/Sep.


What’s Included?

Before Bootcamp kicks off you’ll get:

  • A welcome pack with some research and homework questions you can make a start on if you wish.
  • An invitation to the exclusive Facebook Group to meet other amazing service-based businesses prior to kickoff.
  • A calendar of training sessions and office hours for the month.

Once Bootcamp kicks off you’ll receive:

  • All your log-in details for our Bootcamp Hub
  • 2 x weekly live training sessions
  • Weekly worksheets to help you keep on track with your learning.


What’s the Catch?

The only catch is that you have to do the work! We can show you the path and give you all the materials you’ll need, but only YOU can get the work done.

You see, we’re passionate about helping self-starters succeed because we understand your need to do something fulfilling. However, we also believe that those who get ahead are those who take responsibility for their progress. They take the bull by the horns and do the hard yards because they are purpose-driven.




Say hello to Holly Hinton aka the Web Goddess

Meet your Bootcamp Boss

Holly Hinton, aka the Web Goddess, is your drill sergeant for Website Bootcamp – just without the shouting! It’s her passion to help solopreneurs show up authentically online using tools available to everyone.

With 20 years experience in IT training and web design and hundreds of happy website clients, Holly will share all of her skills, industry knowledge, and knowhow with you.

Join her for the Website Bootcamp to learn how to build a professional-looking website in just 28 days.

Still have questions?

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about Bootcamp:

What if I can't make the live training?

Don’t worry. All training is recorded and will live within the Web Goddess Hub for you to access at your leisure.

In fact, you will have access to Website Bootcamp for at least 6 months so you can revisit the materials at any time.

My business is brand new, is Bootcamp for me?

Absolutely! We’ll cover broad business-related topics as well as website design which can help you to better understand your new business model.

My business isn't new, will Bootcamp still work for me?

Yes! Website Bootcamp is about learning how to build your own website. So whether you have been in business one year or ten you can still participate.

Maybe your new website will replace one that you don’t like or you may build one for a different business that you run.

Do I need to be on Facebook?

No. All materials will live on the Web Goddess Hub and you will have access to them from the beginning of the course. Live lessons will take place on Zoom.

The Facebook Group is simply for connection throughout Bootcamp but is not a requirement of joining.

What format are the resources in?

Bootcamp consists of:

  • LIVE training via Zoom (recorded and accessible for at least 6 months).
  • Worksheets in PDF format for you to download and keep.
Can I join at any time?

No. Bootcamp is a LIVE course that runs twice a year in March and September. You can join up to the start date of each Bootcamp.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We have a full refund policy for Bootcamp which we encourage you to read before signing up.

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