Malpass Pest Solutions

Malpass Pest Solutions

New website homepage for Malpass Pest Solutions

Skills Summary

  • move website from WP to Wix
  • mobile-responsive layout
  • on-site SEO
  • monthly SEO management

The Project

Pat Malpass, owner of Malpass Pest Solutions, had an existing WordPress website that his SEO company built for him. Unfortunately, whilst the site was full of keywords, the build, layout and user experience of the site was lacking. This meant that when visitors clicked on his ads, they were not interacting with the website – costing Pat thousands.

We worked together to move his website from WordPress to Wix, ensuring that Pat’s professionalism, branding and personality are reflected throughout the website and it is already bringing in more traffic and customer feedback is great.

Pat said:

“Holly we love our new website that you have built for us, finally we’ve got a site that works for us and our customers. We really appreciate the work that has gone into building the site and would recommend the Web Goddess to anyone looking to improve their web presence. We have a great response to the new website and it’s been great working with you too.”


Other Rebuild Projects

Sharon Waltho Acupuncture

Sharon Waltho Acupuncture

Sharon Waltho Acupuncture - Website Portfolio Web Goddess

Project Summary

  • Wix website build
  • on-page SEO
  • Blog training
  • user training

The Project

Sharon’s old website looked good but she was unable to make changes she required as the designer had locked her out of many WordPress features. This, and the complexity of WP meant that Sharon wasn’t updating her site as often as she would have liked as it as confusing and not user friendly.

We worked together to maintain the branding and calm look of her old website, building a new site on Wix that Sharon can now update regularly and has complete control over.

Sharon said:

“Thank you Web Goddess for creating my new website and helping to make SEO easy!”


Other Website Rebuild Projects in Wix

Lisa Satchwell Energetics

Lisa Satchwell Energetics



Lisa Satchwell Energetics

Skills Summary

  • build new Wix website (move from WP)
  • create membership structure
  • restructure menus and UX
  • payment connections
  • On-page SEO

The Project

Lisa had an existing site on WordPress but found it hard to manage – and a designer who was not the quickest so respond. So, Wix was the perfect new solution allowing Lisa to manage the site herself and keep everything simple!

We rebuilt her site and included an online membership allowing her yoga students to access online Zoom classes for different monthly subscriptions. We also moved Lisa’s existing blog posts across to Wix and she is once again excited by her site as it allows her to manage her website easily.

Lisa said:

“Thank you Holly for your advice, completely getting what I wanted and needed, some great thoughts and tips and a beautifully designed site.
The whole process ran smoothly and although as expected there were a few little hiccups it was stress-free and most of all fun and engaging.”



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