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New website homepage for Malpass Pest Solutions

Skills Summary

  • move website from WP to Wix
  • mobile-responsive layout
  • on-site SEO
  • monthly SEO management

The Project

Pat Malpass, owner of Malpass Pest Solutions, had an existing WordPress website that his SEO company built for him. Unfortunately, whilst the site was full of keywords, the build, layout and user experience of the site was lacking. This meant that when visitors clicked on his ads, they were not interacting with the website – costing Pat thousands.

We worked together to move his website from WordPress to Wix, ensuring that Pat’s professionalism, branding and personality are reflected throughout the website and it is already bringing in more traffic and customer feedback is great.

Pat said:

“Holly we love our new website that you have built for us, finally we’ve got a site that works for us and our customers. We really appreciate the work that has gone into building the site and would recommend the Web Goddess to anyone looking to improve their web presence. We have a great response to the new website and it’s been great working with you too.”


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