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by | 29 Apr 2022 | Business Tips

Some of my clients have only just set up their businesses, whilst others have been their own bosses for a number of years. However, what I often see in common across the board is that websites are built and then left. And this causes a huge problem as websites need to be kept up to date regularly.

It’s not just something that product-based businesses should be doing either. Service-based businesses need to pay just as much attention to their websites – if not more in most cases – to ensure that they are enticing visitors to return to their site.

Stale content = visitor apathy

Why would someone visit your site regularly if they know you’ve not changed anything for months? And why would a new visitor stick around if it looks like the last course you ran was way back in January 2019?

9 ways to keep your website up to date

So here is my quick checklist of 9 things that you can do to keep your website up to date:

  1. scan through your offerings to check and update prices (if you have them on your site)
  2. check that event/workshop/course dates are current and remove old course information
  3. add a blog post answering a question that you get asked most frequently
  4. place an announcement on the homepage linking to your next offering – with a link to book
  5. if you sell products, check that your postage rates are correct (prices have risen again)
  6. update your terms and conditions / privacy policy – these things seldom get attention!
  7. add an ‘Easter Egg’ to a page and ask people to find it*
  8. read through your copy and update anything that doesn’t read well
  9. link your Instagram account to your website – this will automatically keep it up to date


OK, so some of these aren’t glamorous or exciting, but by changing your content and adding new information regularly you will give visitors a reason to return and give search engines a clear signal that you are a business invested in keeping your website up to date.

Which of these do you think you can add to your schedule regularly?

For me it’s blogging that gets the thumbs up and I focus on, simply because it gives me material to use in social media posts and also somewhere to point my clients when they have questions, instead of repeating myself over and over again.

Whichever you choose, just make sure that you are updating your website at least once a month and if you check your website metrics (which you should be doing), you will start to see a difference in visitor numbers as you invest some time into your website.


* If you are wondering what an Easter egg is, this is something you sometimes find in video games, software or even movies that has no other purpose than to be an unexpected surprise when found. They are often buried deep in the program where users seldom look, so can be a great addition to a website for a special occasion or just to get visitors looking at pages they wouldn’t normally visit. You can give clues or just make them look – whatever you do, award a prize of some sort to make it worth their while!

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