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There is no doubt that in the world of small business,  videos are a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy. And now I’ve had the chance to review a fantastic new video maker called FlexClip I can honestly say that I will be taking advantage of videos far more often!


So, why am I hooked?

Well, if you know me at all you’ll hopefully have realised by now that I crave simplicity. I want tech to do what it says it will do and offer a practical solution for a good price. I also love a bargain, so if there is a free plan even better.

So, when I discovered FlexClip I was instantly impressed by the fact that they DO have a free plan – one that is actually free and doesn’t require a credit card to register. And even with their free plan you can create a simple marketing video for your business in quick smart time.

The interface is also super easy to use and you get a huge choice of premade templates and videos that you can use in your designs so making something quickly is a breeze.

To give it a whirl I started by creating a quick video showing my Top 5 SEO Tips for Small Business:

I think it looks super slick and it really didn’t take me long at all.



I’m a huge fan of tools like Canva that allow you to create graphics, presentations and even videos – but the functionality for their video production isn’t up to the FlexClip standard. Why? Because like very piece of software out there, they have a specific focus, and video just isn’t one of them.

I like the fact that FlexClip simply focuses on videos so in the interface this is all you get. It’s specific and powerful with a tonne of tools to help you create stunning marketing videos with very little effort.


As with all new tools I am just gettting started with FlexClip so will update this article with more of my findings as I dive deeper into this software.

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