Running your own business can be extremely rewarding, but being a ‘one (wo)man band’ can also feel overwhelming!

Perhaps you are just starting out or feel ‘stuck’ and not sure where to focus your efforts – trust me I know how it feels. And in these times of even greater uncertainty, having a coach who has been where you are to can help you gain clarity. Having a sense of real purpose can be a great place to start.

And that’s where I can help

With over 18 years of experience running my own businesses – including time spent as a WiRE Digital Mentor and Official Desire Map Coach – I am here to help you discover what makes you tick, unearth any blocks you have. AND help you create a real plan.

I can help with both the practicalities of running a business and mindset techniques. It’s often a combination of both areas of coaching that yields the greatest results.

So what does business coaching help you do?

Get clear on your Vision with Web Goddess Business Coaching

get clear on your vision

Perhaps you just fell into running your own business, are just starting out, or have been doing it for so long you’ve just lost sight of what’s important.

Coaching can help you regain clarity, and focus on your business vision to decide what you want and WHY you want it.

Business coaching with Web Goddess can help you define success on your own terms


Only YOU know what success looks like for you. Working out what that is and how it makes you FEEL is an important part of any coaching process.

My business coaching will help you work this out and create the mindset that makes your success a reality.

Create daily habits that help you reach your goals with Web Goddess business coaching

CREATE daily HABITS to reach your goals

This is the most important part of coaching – creating daily habits and the mindset that goes along with that to help you achieve the success you crave.

We’ll work together to create accountability and create healthy habits that bring you closer to your goals every single day. 


I work remotely or in-person (when allowed) from a single session to a regular weekly or bi-weekly course of 8 hours of business coaching, depending on what you need. Booking in bulk not only saves you money, but it also helps you commit to real change.

I can help with both the practicalities of running a business and mindset techniques (including my own RECODE Programme). We can work together to help you unlock your potential by uncovering any subconscious conditioning that may be holding you back. 

All sessions are currently taking place via Zoom and can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly to keep you on track and accountable for your actions.

If you prefer to work in a group, why not check out the

Web Goddess Academy

Full of practical know-how, ongoing guidance and support to accelerate your learning and confidence.

So you can make your micro business shine online.


So go on, get in touch...

I’d love to chat and help you create an online presence that you are proud of.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have with no obligation.


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