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Why Outsource Your Website?

You've made the leap to go self-employed or you already run a small business - hooray!! Welcome to the most amazing ride of your life... What you may not have counted on when you went solo was the multiplication of skills required. Not only are you now doing the thing...

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Your Business Needs a Website

OK, I'm a Web Designer so you would be right in thinking that I believe that every business needs a website. Duh! To be honest, I am actually amazed when people I meet ask me if they need a website at all. I guess I just figure that everyone accepts that they do - but...

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How Do I Start a Blog?

This is the question I get asked most often by clients and is usually followed by statements such as: "I have nothing to write" "Why would anyone be interested in me" "I can't write 1,000 words every week!" "It's all too complicated" The list goes on and on and all of...

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10 Questions to ask about your Website

Building a website that reflects how you want your business to be seen is really important. If you build your site yourself you can often find that you become 'website blind'. You only see what you want to see. You know where things are and assume your customers will...

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Choosing Images for your Website

I've been creating websites since 2003 and thankfully a lot has moved on since then. So it astonishes me that businesses are still creating websites (or having them built for them) with little thought about images and graphics. Simply relying on stock photography is...

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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. And if you run a business and don't already have any social media presence then you are missing out on tens of thousands of prospective clients every single day. It's just that simple. There are 2.8 billion people on...

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Take a Fresh Look at your Website

Building a website is pretty easy once you know what your brand, know how you want it to flow and the content you want to include. However, simply building a website and leaving it to petrify isn't good for your business. It also means your website will never fulfill...

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Avoiding Font Overload!

Font and typography have always been an important part of design and document production - from leaflets to magazines, from websites to posters. In fact, many of the typefaces we are familiar with can be traced back centuries such as Garamond (1490), Baskerville...

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Does Your Website Pay for Itself?

For anyone with a product-based business, selling online is relatively straightforward. In fact it should easily cover the cost of maintaining a website in the first place. But for those running serviced-based businesses, recouping the cost of your website may seem...

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How Does Your Business Make You Feel??

Now, you might be thinking that this is a very strange question for me to be asking you. And to be honest I would have thought the same when I worked in a soul-less corporate job many years ago. But now that I have been self-employed for over 13 years this question is...

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10 Great Xmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas is a great time to connect with your customers and clients and is also an excuse to have a bit of fun! So why not try one of these festive marketing tips: #1 Surprise your VIPs Give your top customers or clients a special Christmas surprise - whether that's...

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Send Emails Your Clients Will Love

If you run a business, then as well as having a great website, you'll also need a mailing list. But once you have one set up it can be difficult to know what to actually send in your emails and how often to send them. So, to give you a few ideas, here are my top tips...

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The Ethical Move

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