Simple, Soulful Websites

Designed for solopreneurs and small businesses

Every business needs a website,
but not every business needs a complicated website.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, but saying that every business needs a WordPress site is like saying everyone must eat the same food and drive the same car – it’s just nonsense!

Web Goddess is different

I understand that having a website may be a really big step for you and your business and I know that you may have been stung in the past by companies wanting more and more cash to manage a site that didn’t really suit you.

So I listen to what you need and only recommend solutions that suit your business and budget and I never try and bamboozle you with technospeak.

Holly is very easy to work with and is an expert listener who takes great care to ensure that your website fully reflects your own character and best features. She is fully conversant in the latest trends and technology and how to integrate this with social media, which is an art form in itself! I ended up with a website which was very “me” – my font, my colours, my style in words and pictures, and Holly’s genius! I’m very pleased with the result, particularly as I paid a fraction of the price charged by other website companies. Thanks Holly!

Liz Abram, Liz Abram Coaching Services

So go on, get in touch…

I’d love to chat and point you in the right direction for a website that will truly represent you and your business.

Don’t be shy, I won’t bite!

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